Using Leftovers and Cooking for One


Apr 12 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



AH Using Leftovers and Cooking for One


This class is perfect for those who would like to learn how to use leftovers efficiently, and prepare AH recipes for one. Your booklet contains a list of “transformed” AH and AD recipes, a One-Week Meal Planning Template and a One-Week “Using Leftovers and Cooking for One” meal plan. During the Zoom class, you will have the opportunity to speak with Chef Kenzie Osborne to answer your questions about preparing meals for one, using leftovers in creative (and delicious) ways, and balancing AH ratios when cooking for one.

Meet your Instructor

Group facilitator Kenzie Osborne is a chef, recipe developer, and health and wellness blogger. She graduated top of her class with a degree in Culinary Nutrition and specializes in adapting recipes to suit various dietary needs. Since 2019, Kenzie has been working with Chef Dawn Ludwig developing recipes and meal plans for the AH Solution. Additionally, she has worked with Canadian olympic athletes to develop recipes that are both delicious and easy to incorporate into busy lifestyles. She is always excited to develop new recipes to help others accomplish their AH goals and live a happy, healthy, and Always Delicious lifestyle.

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