6-Week Always Hungry? Kickstart

6 Week Metabolic Reset Photograph

6-Week Always Hungry? Kickstart with Coaching Support

Ready to kick-start your Always Hungry? Journey in away that feels free, easy, and complementary to your life?

Join Dawn Ludwig and the Always Hungry? Solution (AH) coaches as we personalize a program to meet YOUR needs. Take control of your health with this practical program.

During the 6-week program, you’ll get…

  • 3 one-on-one coaching calls
  • Online Chat option with your coach between video calls
  • Guidance to a metabolic reset with the 5 Core Pillars of Health
  • Access to online daily trackers and optional food logs (with regular feedback from your coach to keep you on track)
  • Personalized strategies that work with your lifestyle and preferences

Program Cost: $497.00 USD 

Are you ready to create a healthy lifestyle that works for YOU?

Do you…

  • Feel overwhelmed by meal prep?
  • Feel like you’re not “doing things right”?
  • Feel stressed about following a plan that doesn’t quite suit your lifestyle?
  • Feel confused by current dietary guidelines?
  • Find yourself falling “off plan” often?
  • Feel discouraged and unhappy with results?

A personalized Metabolic Reset creates sustainable results that allow you to….

  • Spend MORE time doing the things you love, and LESS time in the kitchen (or writing meal plans!)
  • Feel confident in a sustainable plan that you can follow (and enjoy!)
  • Boost energy levels, reduce hunger, reduce cravings, and fast-track your health goals
  • Reduce the likelihood of “falling off your plan”
  • Build a sustainable path forward that yields long-term results
  • Finally find a positive relationship with food that leaves you feeling confident, satisfied, and energized!

Program Cost: $497.00 USD 

What Are Participants Saying?

“There are whole food groups missing from my nutritional habits but that is beyond my control. My AH Coach was a great help to me in seeing how I could round out my eating while dealing with those issues.”

“Kenzie provides excellent support and meal suggestions that only a professional chef can give. She is full of great tips and meal modifications for any type of diet.”

“AH Coaching has been one of the best addition’s to my life wellness program ever. Besides being very knowledgeable, my coach was kind, compassionate, friendly, and highly supportive. Following our meetings, I receive a synopsis of the most important things discussed that is full of meals and other suggestions to help with my success. As a result, I lost 8 pounds during the first two months on the AH program.”

“I am doing this! I am succeeding too! Not just NSV (non-scale victories either). I know those are great, but honestly I want and need to lose weight – and I am! I started AH about 5 years ago and very shortly after I did, I was diagnosed with a few allergies. Beans were one of them, as well as dairy, and gluten. I didn’t see a way to continue following AH at that time. I didn’t see a way to do Phase 1 with my restrictions. However, I continued to follow AH getting their newsletters and such. One day after reading an email, I went to the website and that day changed everything for me. On the website I saw they offered a coaching call. I set that up right away. That call was the beginning of my success! My coach helped me work the AH program around my restrictions. After that, I decided I wanted more help, so I took the 6-week coaching program. My coach not only gave me daily help through the program, but they encouraged me, which motivated me even more! I can’t say enough about how this is changing my life. My husband and children are so happy to see me getting healthier, and they all love that I’m getting happier. Thank you, AH! You have changed my life!”

“When I came to AH and started working with my coach, I had been dieting pretty much all my life. Growing up in Los Angeles, dieting to attain that image of “beauty” on social media was all I knew. Starting from the early age of about 15, I have tried everything over the years: Jenny Craig, Intermittent Fasting, Crash Diets, Intuitive Eating, Calorie Counting, Weight Loss pills and many different nutritionists… but nothing worked and more importantly, nothing lasted. As a female who was under wedding stress, I eventually turned to a crash diet which left me extremely unhealthy and sadly, hospitalized. Once the event was over, I binged and as I entered my 30s I quickly gained 25 lbs and was desperate to find my way back. I did not find my way back to that old unhealthy weight, but what I did find my way to, was so much better. Kenzie and AH helped me first reset and train my very broken metabolism to not hold on to food anymore like it was in starvation mode, and enter into eating at regular times, so I never felt hungry and was able to continue to maintain my strenuous workouts. I am now back to all my clothes fitting and feel like a better version of my old self again. I think the biggest realization and greatest achievement though, is the emotional and mental victory I had. Kenzie, who had a very similar journey, helped me overcome my binging and almost “purge” eating habits, taught me to not view food as “bad” or “good” and taught me how to really be confident in myself again. I have accepted the fact I am not a naturally crazy thin model you see in magazines or on Instagram, but rather a 5’9″ athletic woman that now does not care about what the scale says and cares more about her health. If you told me 7 months ago, I would not care about calorie counting, weight on a scale and would be able to stop when I was actually full and not because it was a “treat” that I would never get again, I would have never believed you. But, AH and specifically, Kenzie, have transformed my life and I cannot thank them enough.”

“My biggest takeaway was hope! I had been feeling frustrated and helpless, and I came away feeling like there were things I could do to make a difference in my dietary life.”

“AH Coaching has given me a lot of confidence to try new and different ways of both combining foods and of cooking them as well; I gained a lot of confidence in streamlining processes. I’m much more willing to try new things, such as blending mixtures into soups etc. This came in very handy when I was on a liquid diet following some esophageal surgery. The AH Coaches have great enthusiasm that is infectious and inspiring.”

“I had had a lot of trouble organizing and planning, and my coach helped me see the foods I had on hand from a better perspective.”

“Our sessions helped me figure out how to fill in gaps in my dietary intake without exacerbating my food sensitivities.”

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