a taste of science

A Taste of Science

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Bring a taste of science to your table by incorporating concepts from Dr. Ludwig's research and applying it to your everyday meals in tasty and satisfying ways!

How Phase 2 Has Evolved

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Are you curious about where the Always Hungry Solution is heading? Might there be a Phase 1.5 that works best for you? Discover how AH has evolved.

Low Carb vs. Slow Carb

We hear a lot about "slow carb" and "low carb" diets in the media, but what do these terms really mean? Does AH consider itself one or the other?

How to Start (or REstart) the Always Hungry Solution

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Discover a few ways to start (or ReStart) the Always Hungry Solution. We will walk you through a few ways to be successful while adapting to your lifestyle.

Dr. Ludwig on NPR: The Truth about Carbs and Calories

Dr. David Ludwig talks with Allison Aubrey from NPR about carbs, calories, and how they work in your body. Learn 4 recipes from our book Always Delicious!

Welcome To Our Table: De-Polarizing Plant vs. Animal Based Diets

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Whether you prefer plant-based meals or animal-based meals, the Always Hungry plan is proud to accommodate to your needs and make recipes suitable for you.

The Case for a Low-Carb Diet is Stronger Than Ever

Does overeating really cause weight-gain? Or, do we have it completely backwards? Discover the science and research behind a low-carb diet with Dr. Ludwig.

Is Exceptional Control of Type 1 Diabetes Possible with a Low-Carbohydrate Diet?

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Can the AH Solution help you control Type 1 Diabetes? Discover the science and research behind a low-carb diet, and its relationship to diabetes.

Interview With Dr. Ludwig and Chef Dawn - Watch

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Get an insiders view of the Ludwigs in this rare interview together, as they talk about Always Hungry? and Redefining Medicine.