Is Sugar Good for You?

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Is sugar good for you? Dive deeper into the Always Hungry? view of sugars with Lead Coach Kenzie and Chef Dawn Ludwig.
intuitive Eating and the Always Hungry Solution

Intuitive Eating and The Always Hungry Solution

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Join Chef Dawn as she compares Intuitive Eating (IE) with the AH Solution and explores how the IE principles can be applied to an AH way of eating and living.
JumpStart Your Metabolism. Eat Enough, Move Enough

Eat Enough, Move Enough

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Chef Dawn Ludwig helps you discover how this paradigm shift can support your life and health to keep you not only healthy but happy as well.
Latest Nutrition Research by Dr. David Ludwig

Dr. David Ludwig’s Latest Nutrition Research

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Dr. David Ludwig has recently been in-the-news with his latest nutrition research. Watch his latest appearances, listen to his conversations, and read his most recent publications!
a taste of science

A Taste of Science

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Bring a taste of science to your table by incorporating concepts from Dr. Ludwig's research and applying it to your everyday meals in tasty and satisfying ways!

How Phase 2 Has Evolved

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Are you curious about where the Always Hungry Solution is heading? Might there be a Phase 1.5 that works best for you? Discover how AH has evolved.

Low Carb vs. Slow Carb

We hear a lot about "slow carb" and "low carb" diets in the media, but what do these terms really mean? Does AH consider itself one or the other?

How to Start (or REstart) the Always Hungry Solution

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Discover a few ways to start (or ReStart) the Always Hungry Solution. We will walk you through a few ways to be successful while adapting to your lifestyle.

Dr. Ludwig on NPR: The Truth about Carbs and Calories

Dr. David Ludwig talks with Allison Aubrey from NPR about carbs, calories, and how they work in your body. Learn 4 recipes from our book Always Delicious!