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Bring a Taste of Science to Your Table

Understanding the science behind the Always Hungry? Solution is step one… Step two is making it work for YOU. In this post, we’ll explore some of Dr. Ludwig’s recent research – then, we’ll find ways to apply the findings to boost the nutrition of your meals.

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low carb vs high carb

Refined Carbs VS Saturated Fats

A classic “healthy breakfast” at a restaurant may include a few scrambled egg whites, spinach, fresh fruit, and toast. Although the egg whites will contain some protein, the remainder of the ingredients are primarily carbohydrates. The toast, in particular, is a refined carbohydrate – which may be associated with undesirable health outcomes. Instead of opting for this meal, try having whole eggs scrambled in olive oil with vegetables, bacon, and fresh fruit. The saturated fat from the eggs and bacon may be a healthier choice compared to the refined carbohydrates in the toast.

Read Dr. Ludwig’s tweet and the research here >>

Calorie Restriction VS Higher-Fat Foods

Calorie restriction doesn’t seem to be an effective solution to weight gain or obesity. Instead of restricting calories and depriving yourself of delicious food, fuel your body with nutrient-dense, rich, high-fat foods. According to the Carbohydrate-Insulin Model, a diet higher in fats and lower in carbohydrates (particularly refined carbohydrates) is more likely to be associated with health benefits. A lower-calorie, high-glycemic load diet – on the other hand – doesn’t appear to “lessen predisposition to fat storage nor diminish hunger”.

While many protein balls and energy bites contain added sugars (or artificial sweeteners), our recipe is filled with healthy fats AND protein to keep your energy levels high and satisfy your cravings. Try them here >>

Read Dr. Ludwig’s tweet and the research here >>

CIM model
GI and fast carbs

High GI VS Low GI

Reducing the glycemic load of your meals is likely beneficial for cardiovascular health and overall wellness. Try swapping higher-glycemic foods with lower-glycemic options. For example…

  1. Swap store-bought applesauce with Homemade Applesauce (we use the skin!)
  2. Choose Mashed Fauxtatoes over mashed potatoes
  3. Opt for Brown Rice Energy Bites instead of store-bought energy bites or rolled-oats energy bites
  4. Try Grain-Free Waffles in place of white-flour waffles
  5. Use Parsnip Rice or Cauliflower Couscous as a base for your favorite curries or stews

Read Dr. Ludwig’s tweet and the research here >>

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