Lead Coach & Chef Kenzie Osborne

About Lead Coach & Chef Kenzie Osborne

Since graduating culinary school, Kenzie Osborne has devoted her time to helping others build a positive relationship with food. She has interviewed chefs from over 20 countries. This learning has led to deep knowledge of flavorful food and why food has such a profound influence on our mind, spirit, and body. With her knowledge of international cuisines and appreciation for food, Kenzie has the ability to create innovative recipes. She specializes in creating flavors that are suitable for various dietary needs and preferences.

In her teenage years, Kenzie was diagnosed with severe anorexia that nearly took her life. Learning how to cook, exploring various aspects of food, and discovering the nutritional benefits of food allowed her to build a positive relationship with food and recover from her disorder. The AH Solution played a substantial role in helping Kenzie recover by introducing her to: the wonderful benefits of fatty foods, the true meaning of joyful movement, the importance of self care, the joy of cooking foods that are delicious, and the relief of developing a positive mindset. Today, Kenzie strives to encourage others to find peace with food, and to discover the benefits of building a balanced, joyful lifestyle. 

Throughout her career, Kenzie has won multiple nutrition-based culinary awards and competitions. She has also been involved in developing recipes for nation-wide cookbooks, members of retirement communities, Cancer survivors, and team Canada olympic athletes.

Currently, Kenzie lives in Toronto where she enjoys experimenting with new and exciting flavors while developing strategies for home cooks to prepare delicious meals with ease. In addition to being the newest member of the AH team, Kenzie manages her own food blog and uses her social media platforms to raise awareness about food positivity and mental health. 

Coach Kenzie’s Story

(Written by Kenzie on September 14, 2023)

Five years ago, I was terrified of fats. Absolutely terrified. I always assumed if I ate fat (and allowed myself to eat delicious, luscious, rich foods) – I would become fat…. I figured that achieving & maintaining a healthy weight required feeling hungry & avoiding tasty foods…

Cue the bland broccoli & rice… The boiled chicken breasts… And the fat-free condiments.

I used to feel PROUD when I was hungry – as if I was doing something “good” for myself… On the other hand, I felt incredibly guilty if I ate a rich & decadent meal. I HATED feeling full or satisfied – I felt like I had failed and I would have to “start all over” the next day…

I bought into the story the media was selling: That to be healthy means to feel deprived. Low-calorie. No-flavour. Little taste.

When I discovered the AH way of eating, I NEVER thought it would actually work… And, I was shocked when it actually did… Instead of feeling anxious of calories and stress about food, I found myself feeling empowered, nourished, and energized. I could eat delicious, nourished foods that I LOVED – without gaining weight as I had feared. I felt as if I could eat so many tasty meals – and I no longer had to feel guilty for adding that pat of butter, drizzle of oil, or dollop of peanut butter.

I felt energized. I felt free. And I finally felt nourished. Better yet? My weight stabilized – and I felt like my true, healthy & happy self.

Since adopting the Always Hungry? Solution – I haven’t looked back. I’ve felt confident in trusting my body, my hunger cues, and honouring what I need in each moment. I feel liberated, empowered, and excited with my meals – and I hope to help others in the Always Hungry? Community do the same.

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