Gluten-free Waffles from Always Hungry? page 222 with DIY Macadamia Nut Butter Always Delicious page 55

Gluten-Free Waffle Tutorial

This Gluten-Free Waffle recipe has become an AH reader favorite. It’s perfect for everything from fancy brunches to afternoon snacks. You can even freeze a batch to feed kids quickly on a busy morning. Working with gluten-free dough can be tricky if you don’t understand the texture and structure needed to create a fluffy end result. However, with a few tips, it’s quite easy to create these masterpieces in minutes.

Here is a video tutorial to show you just what you need to produce the perfect gluten-free waffles every time. Top these delicious treats with fruit sauce and fresh whipped cream (Always Hungry? page 222). You can also top with one of our DIY Nut Butters like Macadamia Nut Butter from our newest book, Always Delicious pages 55-58. Click here for a Homemade Nut Butter Tutorial from a past blog post. For a complete meal, add a couple of slices of turkey bacon or smoked salmon on the side.

Variations – Savory Herb or Cheesy Waffles

These gluten-free waffles are quite versatile as well. For a savory result, try using fresh herbs instead of vanilla in the batter. Another delicious choice is to fold in some shredded cheese at the end to make cheesy, waffle shaped breads. Use these as an alternative to sandwich breads, or top them with savory ingredients and serve them open-faced. If you have leftovers, dry and crumble them to use as a breadcrumb substitute.


Although the recipe is easy to find in our book Always Hungry? (see page 222)here’s a link to an article from Journal Sentinal on our waffles and access to the full recipe. If you are looking to substitute other flours for the chickpea flour, I haven’t found a good substitute for this recipe. Nut or coconut flours tend to make them too dense. Learn more about the qualities, textures, interchangeability, and best uses for grain-free flours here.

  • Kate Cronan

    Thank you so much for this tutorial; the Gluten-Free Waffles from Always Hungry are a staple and fan-favorite in our house. I appreciate the tips and the ongoing support from Chef Dawn and Dr. Ludwig!

    • DrLudwig

      You’re welcome. So glad you liked it. I’m working on doing more videos like this.
      – Chef Dawn