Mother’s Day Recipes

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Mother’s Day Recipes with Chef Dawn and Coach Kenzie

Mother’s day is right around the corner – and we are excited! What better way to celebrate than with a nourishing, delicious meal that fuels the mind, body, and soul?

Sharing love with others through food supports us all. Our goal is to provide food that is tasty – but food that also leaves our loved ones feeling strong, energized, and truly satisfied. Read the blog post below for menu inspiration and Mother’s Day Recipes from Chef Dawn and Coach/Chef Kenzie Osborne

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Mother’s Day Recipes

Last year, Coach Kenzie posted her top 5 Mother’s Day recipes in a menu-format. This menu featured 5 meals – 4 of which contained dairy products with creamy and cheesy flavours. This year, we included 5 dairy-free recipes for all of our dairy-free followers. But, don’t worry – even if you’re a dairy-lover, these recipes are sure to impress with their depth of flavour.

Mother’s Day Recipes: Appetizers

Appetizer #1: Prosciutto Melon Bites

As we head into the summer, this appetizer is a great way to bring out fresh fruit flavours – with an elegant twist. While simple to prepare, these bites feel special – especially with a balsamic glaze drizzle on top.

*If you tolerate dairy, you may like a feta cheese crumble or goat cheese on top!

Here’s How to Prepare Them…

  • Wrap a piece of melon (green melon, cantaloupe, or even watermelon!) in one or two slices of prosciutto. Serve with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar OR balsamic vinegar reduction (a reduction is thicker, making it less messy of an appetizer!)

Appetizer #2: Cauliflower Tahini Bites

These cauliflower bites are so tender and tasty – even the toughest of vegetable critics will love it. The tahini-based sauce creates a beautiful rich and creamy texture – without a hint of dairy inside.

Try Kenzie’s Cauliflower Tahini Bites >> 

Mother’s Day Recipes: Main Course & Dessert

Main Dish #1: Hot Dogs

BBQ season is starting, so we had to include a BBQ meal to enjoy in the sun. These hot dog buns were inspired by Chef Dawn’s Waffle recipe – with a few adaptations to create a light and pliable “hot dog bug”. Serve with your favourite sausage and toppings (we love sauerkraut, pickled onions, and shredded carrots)

Try Dawn’s Hot Dog Buns >> 

Main Dish #2: Baked Cod with Lentils and Tomatoes

This is a recipe from Coach Kenzie’s Always Nourished Community – and it features some delicious light-and-refreshing flavours that we think are perfect for the summer season. The flavours are bold and bright, but the prep is all in one pan (no big clean up required). While this recipe uses cod, you could absolutely use chicken or grilled tofu instead.

Try Kenzie’s Baked Cod Recipe >> 

Dessert: Chocolate Hazelnut Bites

These bites are quick-and-easy and can be adapted in many ways. Use ANY nut butter and feel free to add vanilla extract, almond extract, or cinnamon for additional flavour. Not a fan of the bites? Melt them and drizzle overtop of fresh strawberries, or use as a “sauce” for Grain Free Waffles (a great brunch surprise)

Try our Chocolate Hazelnut Bites >> 

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Making some of your own Mother’s Day Recipes this year? Share them with us on our Facebook Community – we’d love to see what you’re cooking.

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