Food for Thought: How What You Eat Affects Your Brain

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Learn how what you eat can have profound effects on your brain health. How can changing your diet help improve brain function and quality of life?

Intermittent Fasting

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Intermittent fasting has quickly captured the attention of the health industry. What is it? Can it help you? And, is it compliant with the AH program?

Is Weight Loss Just a Matter of Will Power?

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Is weight loss just a matter of will power? Or, is there more to the equation? Join Dr. David Ludwig as he explains the truth behind weight loss.

Ludwig Responds to Whole Health Source Article

Dr. David Ludwig responds to a Whole Health Source Article and challenges popular beliefs within the health industry today.

The Forty-Year Low-Fat Folly

The Low-Fat diet seems to make sense: If you don’t want fat on your body, don’t put fat into your body. But, what is the science really telling us?

The Truth About Body Fat

Body fat is a highly specialized organ, critically important for health and longevity. Discover reasons to love fat, and how it can improve health.

3 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For You

These three healthy foods may be surprising... Discover what they are, and why they are deliciously good for you!

All Diet Books Do NOT Lie — An Open Letter to Vox Editor Ezra Klein

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Dr. David Ludwig responds to a hostile review of Always Hungry? written by Julia Belluz. Read the response, and dive deeper into the science behind AH.

Always Hungry? The Truth About How To Lose Weight — Without Deprivation

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We've been taught that if you want to lose weight, just eat less and move more. But, is this strategy effective, or is there a better way?

Coke’s Dilemma

Coca-Cola gave millions of dollars in undisclosed support for research to highlight that lack of physical activity, not poor diet, is the primary cause of obesity...