Does Tasty Food Make Us Overeat?

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Does tasty food make us overeat? Or, is it that we're depriving ourselves from eating tasty food that causes us to crave more?

The Fallacy of the “EMPTY CALORIE”

Read Dr. Ludwig's thoughts on the "empty calorie" fallacy. Is the purpose of reducing sugar in our diet to reduce calories - or, is there more to the story?

Dr. Ludwig’s Lecture at George Brown College – Video

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Watch one of Dr. Ludwig's lectures for FREE. Sit in on his lecture to Culinary students at George Brown College, in Toronto Canada.

Audio – Interview with Dr. Ludwig

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Listen to Dr. David Ludwig and Christiane Northrup as they discuss the Always Hungry? Program, and the science behind the book.

CNN Op-Ed: Enriching the Debate On Dietary Fat

It was previously believed that cutting back on fat would make us lean and healthy. But, is this true? What is the science really telling us?

Defense of the Insulin-Carbohydrate Model Redux: A Response to Kevin Hall

Defense of the Insulin-Carbohydrate Model Redux: A Response to Kevin Hall July 6, 2016 update — The full study by Hall and colleagues was published today in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This final…

Do Genes Make Us Fat?

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Do Genes Make Us Fat? Some people can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and never gain an ounce. Others seem to put on weight in a snap... Why?

Why Calorie Restricted Diets Don’t Work

Many articles suggest calorie restriction is essential for weight loss. Learn the facts, and discover why the AH program is challenging this belief.

Will Exercise End the Obesity Epidemic?

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Will Exercise End the Obesity Epidemic? Discover some of the benefits and risks of exercise, and how it may impact your weight loss journey.

Your Brain on Fast Acting Carbs

What happens in the brain after eating too much refined carbohydrate? The answer may just surprise you...