Dr. David Ludwig’s Latest Nutrition Research

Dr. David Ludwig - Latest Nutrition Research

Dr. David Ludwig: Latest Nutrition Research

Stay up-to-date on the latest nutrition research. Dr. David Ludwig has recently published several new research studies and has appeared in many news reports and podcasts explaining his findings. In case you missed any, here are links to his most recent studies, appearances, reviews, and scientific papers. Follow him on Twitter to see links to his publications as they are released.

In this post, you’ll find links to the actual publications as well as interviews of Dr. Ludwig explaining the research in layman’s terms. So, whether you want the technical details or the overall summaries, there’s something there for you.

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For a more complete list of Dr. Ludwig’s research and media throughout the years, go to our In the News page here.

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Dr. David Ludwig: Latest Nutrition Research

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Access the latest Nutrition Research Publication on Diet and Heart Health –

Effects of a low-carbohydrate diet on insulin-resistant dyslipoproteinemia—a randomized controlled feeding trial (Read here >>) 

Access the latest Nutrition Research Publication –

Diets Varying in Carbohydrate Content Differentially Alter Brain Activity in Homeostatic and Reward Regions in Adults  (Read here >>) 

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Access the latest Nutrition Research Publication –

The carbohydrate-insulin model: a physiological perspective on the obesity pandemic (Read here >>) 

Access the latest Nutrition Research Publication –

Stimulated Insulin Secretion Predicts Changes in Body Composition Following Weight Loss in Adults with High BMI (Read here >>)

Duke Sanford

Dr. Ludwig explains his latest nutrition research in an interview with Duke World Food Policy leader Kelly Brownell.

“We’ve Had it Backwards” – New Model Explains Weight Gain and Obesity. (Listen here >>)

People'S Pharmacy

Dr. Ludwig explains his latest research findings in an interview with People’s Pharmacy.

Show 1279: Challenging Dietary Dogma on Weight Gain (Listen here – Interview starts at 6:10 >>) (Scroll forward in the podcast to hear Dr. Ludwig’s interview)

OUP Blog

Does “overeating” cause obesity? The evidence is less filling

Read the article here >>

Calories, Carbs & Obesity: Physics for the Physician (and Everyone Else)

Read Dr. Ludwig’s essay here >>

Can a Low Carb Diet Help Your Heart Health?

Read more here >>

GBH News - Boston Pubic Radio

COVID-19 Deaths And Severe Illness Were Exacerbated By High Obesity Among Americans

Listen to Jim Braude and Marjery Eagan interview Dr. David Ludwig on Boston Public Radio >>

Transforming Traditional “Diet-Food” Snacks

In response to Dr. Ludwig’s new research, Chef Kenzie shares a few ideas to transform your “low-fat diet” snacks into full-fat, satiating, and delicious ones. Browse her ideas below and comment your favorites.

  1. Instead of fat-free yogurt with honey…. Try full-fat plain Greek yogurt with frozen fruit (thawed to make a “sauce”) and a dollop of nut butter (or a spoonful of nuts/seeds).
  2. Instead of popcorn… Try Herb Roasted Chickpeas (Always Hungry? pg. 293) – swap the herbs for your favorite herbs and/or spices.
  3. Instead of boxed cereal and skim milk…. Try Whole Grain Porridge cooked in whole-milk/water/broth and mixed with nut butter, protein, and fruit (see Always Delicious pg. 101) OR Overnight Steel-Cut Oats (see Always Hungry? pg. 226)
  4. Instead of shrimp with cocktail sauce… Try shrimp with Coconut Curry Sauce (Always Hungry? pg. 266)
  5. Instead of store-bought granola (to serve with yogurt or cottage cheese)… Try topping your yogurt or cottage cheese with homemade Trail Mix (Always Hungry? pg. 291)

Want a practical program that you can implement at home –  including a meal plan and FAQs? Download our Free Starter Pack here.

For more recipes, see our Recipe Blog here.

Looking for More Recipe Ideas that Follow Dr. Ludwig’s Science?

Check out our downloadable classes. Each class comes with an eBook including a Specialized One-Week Meal Plan and Prep Sheet, or Specialized Recipes, as well as Additional Resources prepared by Chef Dawn Ludwig and Chef Kenzie Osborne. Each class also has the option to add-on downloadable presentation slides for more recipes and extra resources.

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