Vacation Success Story!

March 22, 2017

“After 2 weeks on P1 and almost 2 weeks in P2, I was having average results in the ‘measurements’ but slow and steady, so happy with that. We had planned a long weekend trip to Kentucky & Tennessee many months ago, and I had high anxiety about staying on track. See, I’m a daily weigher, conscientious MFP tracker and sort of Type A personality all around. But off we went, leaving the scale and MFP behind with the dog

Ate what I wanted, and some times that included bread, fried chicken, and sweets. Since the main point of the trip was a tour of the Bourbon Trail, I drank A LOT over the 4 days. Interestingly I craved P1 despite the variations to plan and mostly ate that way.

Got home yesterday and went straight to the grocery store, stocking up and spent the evening on food prep – not as ‘punishment’ but mostly because I missed a lot of my go-to foods! Well, this morning was the day of reckoning. Every other break from a previous ‘diet’ would mean hell to pay on the scale. But I didn’t feel any different than when I left, and thought I’d go ahead an check in. It was EXACTLY the same as I was before the trip.

That has never happened. But looking back, I can see that most of my meals were probably P1.5 at worst and I was ordering what I wanted. Sweets never took over because after an enjoyable bite or two, I was done – way too sweet to binge on. No sugary cocktails for me – bourbon, wine or beer. I can’t explain why I didn’t get any hangovers (I certainly should have!), but maybe the healthy fats help out there, too!.

So, I have found a program that works for me the Type A, AND for me on vacation. Gotta love it.

Sandy P.

About 1 month on the program