Getting on Track After a Planned Always Hungry? Road Trip

We all have times when we stray from our well laid plans for healthy living. Even if we take a planned vacation – there’s a good chance our eating habits will be different then when we are at home (and that’s OKAY!).

When you take a “planned AH road trip” – there’s a good chance your eating habits will be different then when you are at home (and that’s OKAY!). As Chef Dawn always says “be kind to yourself and others” AND “you can always get back on track with your next meal”.

When I go on vacation, I like to make a plan for when I return. I almost consider this a part of my vacation planning.

  • What will I have at home when I get back?
  • How can I get back into my routine (movement, food, stress relief, etc.)?
  • Which supports can I put in place that will be helpful on my return?

Considering these factors BEFORE you leave can be helpful in setting yourself up for success when you return from vacation.  

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Prepping for your Always Hungry? Road Trip

A few of my favourite tips for getting back on track after a planned Always Hungry? Road trip involve some planning… There are three things I know will likely be “out-of-the-norm” during vacation: food, exercise, and sleep schedule. Two of these (food and exercise), I can plan ahead of time – and sleep schedule will likely take a few days to settle. 


As much as I may say I’ll go shopping when I return home – I know when I get home, I’ll likely be low in energy, tired, and not “in the mood” to do a grocery haul. My solution? Plan for grocery delivery either the day I return OR one day after I return. This strategy ensures that I will have the foods I love at my doorstep when I return home – without having to rush to the grocery store or survive on fast food options for the day. I like to use: Walmart delivery, Instacart delivery, Cornerstore (Canada), or order a few compliant meals from a meal delivery website.


The hardest part of beginning an exercise program is just that – starting it… And, after a trip, it can sometimes be challenging to “get back in the groove”. Again, this is something you can PLAN for. I like to look around for a few exercise classes that I think I’ll like when I get home (lots of gyms offer free first classes or even free weeks!). I’ll register for a few classes the week when I return home – giving myself 2-3 days when I am first home to rest and catch up on sleep. If this isn’t an appealing option, you may also like to schedule a walk with a friend when you return to catch up AND get a bit of movement in!

Sleep Schedule

Although there is nothing to “plan ahead” with sleep – I like to “extend” my vacation 2-3 days after I return to recharge, allow for rest, and give myself time to adjust to my normal schedule. If this isn’t possible (due to work commitments), I encourage you to free up the first 2-3 evenings to allow yourself to re-group and get back into the groove of normal daily life.

What are your favourite strategies to get back on track after the holidays? Do you like to do a mini “reset”? Are there activities that you plan for when you return home? What helps you get back “into the groove”? Comment in the section below – we’d love to hear!

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