Our 90 minute PBS program on the new science of weight loss without hunger will continue airing nationally this month. Below is the current list of stations that plan to carry the show (subject to last minute changes).

Please watch and consider making a pledge. You’ll support PBS at a critical time and get great membership gifts!

Even if you can’t watch the show, you can order your own copy. Go to your local PBS station website, and choose the “donate” button on the home page. From there, search the program titles for Always Hungry? and choose your membership level, or call you station and let them know that you want the show in your area.

Premium Products Exclusive to PBS

In addition to the show, Chef Dawn Ludwig has put together a spiral bound AH Companion Workbook for easier access to prep week information as well as a cooking DVD. In these exclusive products, she walks you through the prep week and some of the prep day recipes on the Always Hungry Solution Program.

Market Channel Weekday Date Time T.Z. Station Id
Dallas KERADT Saturday 8/12/17 4:00:00 PM CT 13370
Dallas KERADT Sunday 8/13/17 8:30:00 AM CT 13370
Dallas KERADT Monday 8/14/17 11:30:00 PM CT 13370
Dallas KERADT Thursday 8/17/17 12:30:00 AM CT 13370
Oklahoma City KETADT2 Thursday 8/10/17 10:30:00 PM CT 18007
Tulsa KOEDDT2 Thursday 8/10/17 10:30:00 PM CT 17985
Lansing WKARDT Thursday 8/10/17 1:30:00 AM ET 14771
Erie WQLNDT Sunday 8/20/17 9:00:00 AM ET 11923