Able to get off medication for depression. I am energetic, I no longer need naps during the day!

September 16, 2016

My weight has fluctuated all my adult life. For example within the last two years, I lost 50lbs and gained that all back and more. This is a typical pattern for me, joining a weight loss program losing a ton of weight and putting it all back on with a bonus. I was actually at my highest weight in January and feeling depressed, desperate. Although I am a vegetarian, my consumption of breads, pasta, sweets and chocolate was out of control. I am moderately active so even though I exercised, I could not lose.

I heard AH on a radio show and my husband and I decided we needed to try. It just looked so healthy and wholesome that it was worth it even if we didn’t lose weight. Well, I know that I have done some damage to my body by yo-yo dieting and for the first time in my life, I did not crave sugar, sweets, carbs. I have been so completely satisfied and find it perfectly natural to stick to the program. I am pleased with my blood test results and have been able to get off medication for depression. I am energetic, I no longer need naps during the day. I am clear headed and feel great.

I have not lost all the weight I need to but realize that this has been such a change and journey for me and I am taking my time and enjoying it. My family has reaped the benefits as well. My husband has more energy and better test results. My 20 year old son has lost 40lbs and is sugar free. And our last hold out, our 16 year old son, has joined us on this journey and has reduced his sugar and processed carbohydrates intake dramatically. I cook so much more than ever before and feel good about what is on our table.

This has been a life changer for our family that I imagine will impact our family for years to come.

Cindy B.

Weeks on the Plan: 35
Weight Change: 10 pound
Waist Change: 4 inches