August 15, 2016

“I will be following this plan for life. Before I started, I didn’t have cravings like many of the folks in the community, but I was aware that the dietary guidelines I had been following pretty religiously for years were no longer appropriate (a former health journalist, I still follow studies). I just didn’t know how to replace them with guidelines that took into account the latest research I had been reading, until I heard Dr. Ludwig on NPR and picked up the book.

My weight loss has been slow. from day 1, I have followed the cheat sheets rather than the meal plans and I don’t calculate ratios. I am sure it would be faster if I did, but I wanted the plan to work for me–what I want to cook and eat, experimenting on the kitchen my way (experienced cook who uses recipes as guidance only). However, the weight loss is steady. I have not lost many inches in the waist either–only 2. But My waist has always been proportionate, which I think may have something to do with it. I wish I had taken other measurements. I can feel and see a a difference in hips , chest, back, thighs, etc. and have dropped one to two sizes, depending on design.

I have tried and enjoyed foods and ingredients I never heard of. I have enjoyed participating in the Facebook community. But for me, the biggest –and most unexpected–NSV has been the (almost total) disappearance of GERD symptoms. I have a large hiatal hernia and have been taking proton pump inhibitors for more than a decade. My gastroenterologist has recommended surgery on multiple occasions, but I have not wanted to undergo it. I was, however, concerned about the effect of long-term use of the medication.

Before I started AH, I would be up half the night vomiting at least once every two weeks, even on the medications. Since starting the plan, I think I have had maybe three bad nights–no vomiting, just heartburn, and one time was my fault. I ate hot chicken wings late , thinking I was cured. I now take the medication only when I feel an issue– I have gone more than a week without and never need it more than twice a week. This, to me, is a major improvement in quality of life. Thank you.”

Jennifer H.

Weeks on the Plan: 26
Weight Change: -13 pounds
Waist Change: -2 inches