I am thrilled with this way of eating. 

August 15, 2016

My husband and I already had incorporated many of the foods (full fat Greek yogurt, cooking with butter, emphasis on fruits/veggies, etc.) for the past year or so. Just by forgoing breads, snack foods, and sugar in my coffee and tea the past few months, I have lost about 10 pounds, even before officially starting AH, and have about 5 more to go. I am OK with not losing more right away, as I just went and bought three new pairs of cute jeans, and I’d like to be able to wear and enjoy them a while. 😉

This weekend I did lots of food prep, as we are launching tomorrow. My husband is T2D, and really needs to get his numbers down; I have borderline everything and want to avoid taking meds if I can help it. He said to me this evening that he’s ready to make serious changes in his eating habits, which makes me over-the-moon happy that he’s on board, too.

I love to cook, so I’m excited about trying all the new recipes as well as adapting some of our favorites so they are compliant. I’m reading labels more thoroughly now (and am horrified at what goes into seemingly “good for you” foods). I’m doing more perimeter shopping, and trying all sorts of new-to-us foods (chickpea flour, chia seeds, tahini, protein powder, etc) and enjoying the new experience. I’m sure as we get more in-depth in the plan, there will be more observations to share.

For now, at least, I’m thrilled with this way of eating.

Lynne T.
Just beginning with 5 pounds to lose