I needed to lose 40 pounds so I could join my daughter in a tandem jump from an airplane…

November 14, 2016

“Just to add to your list of success stories, I needed to drop from the 265-pound weight that I was to a less than 210 weight to do a tandem jump out of an airplane with my daughter. She wanted to try this for a long time. Over a year before I bought your book, I was trying eating less and exercising more and I was failing to keep the weight off.

I had been training my brain to think hunger pains were the good feeling of losing weight. In a year and a half of serious effort, I shed 10 to 15 pounds (depending on when I was measured), but I seemed to have hit a plateau there and considered liposuction.

NPR did your book interview, and that had my attention. I gave it a whirl and in about 3 months got down to 205 and got to jump out of a Cessna while strapped to an instructor. During the use of your method, I did not exercise more. I did less activity than before just to prove a point to myself. It’s easy to maintain an under 210 weight now and I could go further but I can’t afford another wardrobe change yet. I was filling the 38″ pants snugly before and now am comfortable in 36″ or less.”

Michael R.

Weeks on the Plan: 11
Weight Change: lost 44 pounds
Waist Change: lost 2 inches