Key Strategies for Accountability

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Keys to Accountability.

Accountability is challenging.. Keeping on track with your Big Why – even when life gets challenging can be a difficult task to achieve. We don’t always have others around to help hold us accountable to our goals – and we’re left to motivate and remind ourselves as to why we’re working on our new habits. In this post, we’ll review 5 strategies to help you learn how to hold yourself accountable to your goals – even when life throws us curve balls.

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Key Strategies for Accountability…

Strategy 1

Use a visual guide and place it somewhere you see often. The visual guide can be anything you feel will be motivating for you. Some examples include…

  • A vision board with small goals (as “landmarks”) leading to a larger goal (the “destination”)
  • A weekly tracker with specific goals written. Write a check mark or post a fun sticker next to the date you complete the goal.
  • A photo or collage of photos that represents something you are working towards. Examples include: a photo of a mountain you’d love to hike, photo of kids or grandkids you’d like to play with, etc.

A visual guide reminds you of your greater “why” and helps keep you on track. 

Strategy 2

Keep a journal. A journal is an extremely useful tool to allow you to spot trends, celebrate successes, and acknowledge challenges. Furthermore, a journal provides you with the opportunity to “get curious”, express your feelings openly, and record what strategies (movement, food, stress, sleep, etc.) work best for you. Choose a journal with specific questions written in it OR a blank one to write how you are feeling in the moment. BONUS: Paste a photo or inspirational quote on the front (or inside the front page) of your journal to represent your “Big Why”.

Strategy 3

Find your support group. Tell others what you are working towards. When you say your goal out loud (or writing it on paper), you solidify it and make it “real”. Once your goal is clear, take the next step to involve the supportive friends and/or family members in your life. Consider posting your goals in an encouraging community or on a social media platform that will uplift you. Part of this strategy is discerning the people in your life who are most likely to compassionately listen when you are feeling challenged and celebrate when you feel excited.

In addition, sharing your goals allows you to recognize the reality of what you want to accomplish and why. You may just be surprised at who jumps in to help you along the way.

Tip: Join our Facebook Community for an incredible base of support to help you reach your goals OR join one of our Group Programs OR our Summer Accountability Program (June 2023-August 2023).

Strategy 4

Use SMART goals. Often, we make vastly general goals that can make it difficult to track and monitor. Some examples may include..

  • I want to get fit
  • I want to be healthy
  • I want to lose weight

While these goals likely have great intentions, they are very difficult to measure. Dive DEEPER into your goals and ask yourself…

How can you make this goal specific?

“I want to get fit”. 

Make it specific. For example: “I want to walk up 5 flights of stairs without being out of breath by July 15”

How can you measure your goal?

Each week, I will walk up a flight of stairs. I will rate my perceived exertion on a scale of 1-10 and test my heart rate at the top of the stairs.

Is this goal attainable (can you do it with the resources you have available and your physical abilities?)

I have access to stairs in my house/condo. I am cleared by my doctor to engage in physical activity.

Is this goal realistic?

Yes – I can walk up 2 flights of stairs without being out of breath. Working towards 5 flights of stairs is reasonable within 6 weeks.

Is this goal timely?

Yes, I will achieve my goal by July 15th. I have written a “5 flights of stairs final test) to occur on the 15th

Why is this important to you?

I want to be able to do basic acts of living for the rest of my life. Walking up multiple flights of stairs will allow me to…

  • Feel comfortable walking up stairs at the mall.
  • Choose stairs instead of the elevator at my office space.
  • Continue to have the ability to walk up stairs as I age.

Ensure you are CLEAR about your goal and the importance of your goal to help increase motivation and adherence to your plan.

Strategy 5

Join a community… A community allows you to connect with others who are working towards similar goals. Furthermore, a community may allow you to learn new strategies, connect with others, form relationships, and stay committed to your goals.

Reminder: We have a variety of supportive resources (including some free resources) to help you reach your goals. Join our Facebook Community for an incredible base of support to help you reach your goals (you may find a buddy in our Facebook community who is on a similar journey to connect with and hold each other accountable) OR join one of our Group Programs OR our Summer Accountability Program (June 2023-August 2023).

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