Frozen Grape “Popscicle Bites”

It’s time to beat the heat with our favorite summer treat! See how simple it is to prepare homemade “popsicle bites” from one of summer’s greatest fruits, grapes. The juicy goodness freezes into the perfect little frozen bite. This is a also a great summer time activity for kids since they can help with each step of the process.

Simple Summer “Popsicles Bites” – Frozen Grapes

1 bundle of your favorite type of grape

a freezer

That’s all! Simply wash and freeze the grapes, and then enjoy them frozen. So easy and delicious! Freezing grapes gives them that perfect, familiar “popsicle” texture when you bite in.

Use your favorite grapes: red, green, or any variety will do. Just choose the grapes you love, and they’ll turn into a frozen treat to satisfy you on the hottest summer days. Try it to see for yourself and let us know what you think!

Frozen Grape “Popscicle Bites” Frozen Grape “Popscicle Bites”