Article updated February, 2024 to include a 6-year update.

Original article published February 18, 2018.

Woman’s World Magazine

Dr. Ludwig and several of our readers were featured in the February 19, 2018 issue of Woman’s World! The article included interviews with readers, Dr. Ludwig, and our Eggplant Parmesan recipe.

Jami expanded on her story for us here!

Meet Jami!

Jami discovered Always Hungry in 2016 and has worked to really make the plan fit her life. Along the way, she’s experienced numerous non-scale victories (NSVs), weight loss, and joy! Her success story was recently featured in Woman’s World Magazine. Read on to hear her story in her own words.

Support of Our Facebook Community

“I am SO thankful to have found Always Hungry? and this wonderfully supportive Facebook group. I wanted to share my story with those here in hopes that it might inspire and help some of our new members.

Finding AH has changed my life in amazing ways…and it’s also added years to my lifespan. I’m 37 years old. I’ve been overweight/obese, bouncing back and forth from diets and just feeling helpless, since I was 9 when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I knew my health and weight were trending in the wrong direction, and I was so frustrated that nothing worked (or it worked for a while, then I’d gain it all back and more). I told my husband, “I hear so much conflicting advice on what we should eat. If I just knew what would work and be sustainable, I’d do it.”

Jami’s Big Why

“I have 2 young children, and when I started, my health and body was keeping me from really enjoying and keeping up with them. And I worried I wasn’t going to be around or healthy enough to be there for them when they had kids of their own. My big why is to change that and be a good role model for them, so they don’t experience the issues with food, weight and health that I have. My “touchstone” is a picture of my grandmother-in-law who is riding her bike, hands-free, with a huge grin at age 95. The photo is the background on my phone. She is my inspiration. And with AH, I know that can be me, happily enjoying activities at 95… maybe not a bike… maybe dancing instead.

The First Program That Works

“AH is the first program that has given me hope and confidence that I’m not destined to be obese and uncomfortable forever. After a little over a year, I’m down 66 pounds, and several sizes (from a 22 to a 10), and I’m certain I’ll keep it off this time because it’s unlike any other program or “diet” I’ve been through.

I never experience that dreaded ‘starving’ feeling or sense of ‘depriving myself’ that was the norm any other time I tried to lose weight. With AH, if I’m hungry, I eat. And I eat AMAZING food. I’ve found a new love for cooking, and have a completely different relationship with food. Food no longer controls me. This is one of many non-scale victories I’ve experienced.

Non-Scale Victories (NSVs)

“Actually, this program is about much more than food and weight loss for me. I have more energy. I’m sleeping better, which makes everything in life so much easier. My chronic headaches and brain fog are gone. My joint aches and pains have disappeared. I have a new sense of calm (less anxiety). And I have a different mindset about ‘exercise’. This program introduced me to the idea of ‘joyful movement’ which was transformational. Going for a jog is something I now look forward to instead of dread. It “fills me up” instead of “drains me”. This is a HUGE shift for me!

Making the Plan Work for Her

This is actually the second time I started AH. I tried it originally in early 2016, but “failed”. I was focused primarily on the food aspect of the plan and really stressed about being “perfect” with ratios. I felt that as long as I was eating compliantly, I was following the plan. It didn’t work, and I only lasted a month or so. The second time around (early 2017), I re-read the book and put equal emphasis on 4 aspects of the plan: 1) getting enough sleep, 2) eating smart by following the meal builder guidelines, 3) getting joyful movement every single day, 4) reduced stress.

This made a HUGE difference. I notice that weeks when I don’t get enough sleep or when my stress goes up, my weight loss plateaus. And weeks when I don’t make time for the joyful movement, my mental health suffers making all other aspects more difficult. Once I get the 4 back in alignment, the weight continues to fall and life just feels happier.

Advice for Others

I encourage everyone to remember Dawn Ludwig’s #1 rule to “Be gentle with yourself and others.” AND listen to your body instead of just “following the rules”. I was amazed at what my body had to tell me once I started being mindful of how my food choices and behaviors impacted how I feel!

I feel incredibly thankful to have found AH! (Thank you David Ludwig and Dawn Ludwig!) It’s an amazing lifestyle change – one that I know I will follow for the rest of my life, because this is the first time I have NO reason to go back to my old ways. And I’m excited to be a good role model for my kids, helping them to have healthy relationships with food and physical activity.”