Phase 1 Reboot

The start of a new year is the perfect time to examine your health goals and form new plans for self-care. A good way to do this is by reconnecting with AH in a fundamental way: something that we like to call The Phase One Reboot. This is a once-per-year restart of Phase One that many of our readers find to be the best way to get re-tuned in to their body.

Whether you’re just starting out on your Always Hungry journey, or you’re a long time enthusiast, a Phase One Reboot will help you better understand both your own body and the reasoning behind AH. In all areas of life and learning, there’s something about going back to the basics that really helps solidify knowledge and habits.

Learning Is A Spiral

First, imagine a line spiraling deeper and deeper towards a center point. Then, imagine that the first time you learn anything new, whether it be a new lifestyle program like AH or a new language, you travel once around the spiral. But there’s only so much you can learn on that pass, and you are bound to miss many details. So once a year, we recommend reconnecting with the program  and traveling another loop around the spiral of learning. You may be surprised how many new and helpful facts jump out at you that you were not able to fully understand or appreciate the first time around.

Your body is also in a different place than it was when you first began your AH journey. Restarting Phase 1 will be a good learning experience for you to really listen to what your body is telling you. Refresh and renew: the perfect way to start your year off right.

Ways To Reconnect With Always Hungry

  • Reread Always Hungry or the Science Summary of Always Delicious
  • Read our FAQ page on our website. There is so much guidance packed into that page! This is a great resource when you don’t have time to read the whole book.
  • Watch our quick FAQ videos here!
  • Commit to a two-week Phase 1 reset
  • Retry Phase 1 recipes. Even if you’re doing well in Phase 2 or 3, commit yourself to trying one new Phase 1 recipe per week. In our newest book, Always Delicious, we’ve included complete meal plans for all our recipes so you’ll have many options for new Phase 1 meals.
  • Evaluate your Big Why. Maybe you’ve met your previous goals or your life has changed in such a way that those goals no longer serve you. Create new goals for this year.
  • Strengthen or create an AH support group, either through family or friends that are following AH or through social media. Our Facebook Group is a great place to start.
  • Melanie

    What is considered high fat when it comes to red meat or other meats? I usually buy 80/20 ground beef. Is this high fat category for AH? I looked in the book to find a categorial list of meats/fat criteria and can’t find anything specific. Is there a list of variety of meats and where they fit on the meal builder? Thanks.

    • DrLudwig

      80 to 85% ground beef would be considered higher fat.
      – Chef Dawn

      • Melanie

        Thank you Chef Dawn. This program is an answer to my prayers for better health. My blood sugar and blood pressure numbers are coming down! Blessings. Melanie

  • Kim Flores

    How come there are so few recipes with pork? Are you trying to discourage it as an option?

    • DrLudwig

      We use it as a variation in several of the recipes like Lamb/Pork Shanks, Shredded Beef/Pulled Pork, Roasted Rack of Lamb/Pork Tenderloin. Here is the FAQ on pork as well. We know that many people choose not to eat pork, so we give alternatives when we do a recipe with it. And sometimes bacon doesn’t allow for enough fat elsewhere in the meal, so we choose turkey bacon or Canadian bacon for those meals.
      – Chef Dawn

  • Greg Jordan

    the line forms here! 🙂

  • Carol Johns

    I started my own version of the AH reboot and am following the menu but more as suggestions for meals. I do try to eat this way most of the time but do include some carbs into my diet, mostly on the weekend when I might go out for dinner. I was hopeful that I would start losing some weight but that is not happening after the first 11 days. I can’t figure out what I am doing that is preventing any weight loss. Very discouraging. I feel better though.

    • drdavidludwig

      It’s true that a Phase 1 reboot includes no REFINED carbs or grains, however, SLOW carbs should be incorporated into every meal and should be easy to incorporate even when eating out. You might also look at the other pillars of success in AH. Those are the lifestyle factors that affect health and weight like sleep, stress, and joyful movement. Here’s a link to the question of plateaus in weight loss from our FAQ. I recommend reading the whole FAQ as well. A lot of great guidance there.
      — Chef Dawn

      • Carol Johns

        Thanks. I will read through the FAQs. I do need to do more exercise.