George Brown College AH Chef Class1

IMG_1770We have had the privilege of working with George Brown College (GBC) Chef School in Toronto to develop a class based on the Always Hungry book. The students in the class have spent the school year learning how to create AH recipes and engineer them to fit the ratios associated with each phase.

GBC is the largest culinary school in Canada, and we are so grateful to have this opportunity! Most of all, we are committed to building an AH community to ensure that AH food is available on a larger scale. This is the first step in making that a reality.

George Brown College Culinary School – Always Hungry Class

George BrownAs part of the students’ final project, they had to come up with a full day of meals and snacks that fit the AH profiles. Therefore, all of their meals also had to have a Phase 1 and Phase 2 variation. I had the privilege of spending the day with them to taste all of these newly created recipes. What an incredible treat!

A few of the best recipes will be featured in our upcoming cookbook, Always Delicious, the follow-up book to Always Hungry. It is schedule for release in early 2018. In addition, we’ll begin a regular blog feature for their recipes. So stay tuned for more of these delightful creations.

The students at George Brown are innovative, creative, and enthusiastic. As a result, they successfully addressed the three main challenges of AH. 1) Build recipes that are easy for home cooks, yet still offer delicious, restaurant quality flavors. 2) Adhere to the established AH macronutrient ratios. 3) Finally, serve the recipes in a simple, attractive presentation.

I really enjoyed challenging these chefs to see what kinds of solutions they came up with. I was certainly impressed with the results!

George Brown College AH Chef Class 2

From what I saw, the students fully embraced this challenge and had a great time with the project. IMG_1781The thing that most struck me was the students’ ability to bring recipes from their individual cultures, and adapt them to fit our ratios. We got delicious, homey recipes from every type of cuisine imaginable, including Polish, North African, Greek, Mexican, Korean, Ethiopian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and more!

We will continue working with GBC Chef School to train chefs who will develop and bring AH recipes to the world.

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