Charoset and Sephardic Charoset

As Passover approaches, we begin to look at how the traditional recipes fit into the AH lifestyle. While replicating a better version of Matzah is not within my ability, I have worked with other Passover staples to bring you delicious versions that better fit a healthy way of eating.

One of my favorite parts of Passover, and usually the most sugar-laden, is the Charoset. This spicy, nutty mixture of fresh or dried fruits, nuts, spices and honey is a must for Passover. Over the years, I have developed traditional Charoset and Sephardic Charosets that use fewer sweeteners yet still deliver the sweetness of this essential dish.

Delicious Dessert Options Anytime

If you don’t celebrate Passover, these are also fantastic dessert options for any occasion, especially when you desire a flavor-packed little morsel that satisfies after only a few bites. The Sephardic Charoset turns into spicy little dried fruit truffles that can round out any meal.

In addition, the Apple Charoset can be served as is, or used as a Chutney, a topping for Greek Yogurt, a base for Phase 3 Homemade Granola (Always Hungry? pg. 229) or as the fruit for either of the crisp toppings (Always Hungry? pp. 285- 287).

Regardless of how you celebrate, these recipes are sure to please.