Halloween is Right Around the Corner!

This time of year is one of our favorites. In the North East, Autumn is in the air, cooling us off after a warm summer, and we know it won’t be long before we see pumpkins everywhere!

For many of our readers though, this is also one of the most stressful times of year. If you have children, you know that Trick-or-Treating presents a problem that’s more tricky than sweet. How do you protect the healthy home environment you’ve developed with AH, without depriving your kids of the joys of Halloween?

Trick-Or-Treating with Always Hungry

Our goal at AH is to help you lead your best, healthiest life without ever feeling deprived. Halloween is no exception! Let’s face it, Trick-Or-Treating is fun! You and your kids get to dress up in spooky or creative costumes, and then run around the neighborhood after dark. It’s exciting! That activity never needs to be spoiled by worrying what will happen after you return home.

Trying to store the candy away after the holiday isn’t fun for anyone, and keeping it around the house makes it easy for the whole family to get off track. This year, try the AH way of Trick-Or-Treating!

After the fun of the holiday has wound down, allow your child to choose five pieces of candy to keep. Then, use the rest of the candy as a way to “barter” for something more fun! You might take your child to a bookstore, toy store, or movie theater and let them choose a new item or activity. They then “trade in” their candy for their new toy.

That way, everyone still gets a lot of treats and you don’t have to worry that your family is eating too much sugar. These days, many stores actually have programs to donate Halloween candy in exchange for discounts on books or toys.

Halloween Holly

Halloween Holly is a lovely children’s book that helps kids enjoy Halloween without too much sugar. Halloween Holly’s creator, Cara Via, wanted to write a book that shares even more ideas for making Halloween fun for the whole family.