Prabhu, before and after!

Two weeks ago, we shared Candy’s inspirational story of weight loss and rediscovered passions! This week, we wanted to share a story that focuses a little more on Non-Scale Victories (NSVs).

Non-Scale Victories are improvements in your life that you can’t see on a scale, AKA: not weight loss. Maybe you see a reduction in symptoms of chronic diseases such as diabetes or GERD. Maybe your clothes fit better. Maybe you simply find that you feel good. You have energy that lasts, you sleep better, and you can just generally do the things you want to do during the day.

Every body is different and some just don’t see the pounds melt off as quickly as others. We want to acknowledge other important outcomes of eating better and learning to respect your body. Improving your quality of life is worth celebrating!

So for this week’s story, meet Prabhu!

She has been following the ALWAYS HUNGRY plan for about 15 weeks now and, besides enjoying some weight loss and several non-scale victories, she has consistently shared her positive attitude, motivational words, and support with our Facebook Community! Now, she’s here to share her story with you!

Tell us a little about your progress following the AH Book program.

“So far I’ve lost about 6 pounds out of the 20 I want to lose. I haven’t been tracking inches, but many of my clothes are a lot looser, especially around the waist. I don’t have cravings anymore either!

Here’s the thing to realize for others who have health issues and are struggling: in addition to the slow weight loss, I have cut my blood pressure meds in 1/2, I sleep better, I have no cravings (I mean none!), I haven’t had regular sugar, bread, pasta, white potatoes, etc. in 8 weeks and truly don’t miss them.

This is from someone who has fought with cravings since I was 6 years old. Who has been on BP meds for over 15 years. Who has done almost every weight loss program available. Who has gone through untold number of food ‘incarnations’ from full vegetarian for 30 years, to lacto-ovo vegetarian, to gluten free, yeast free, dairy free to vegan, back to eating eggs, fish and chicken/turkey. And who has had food be the ‘lurker in the corner’ in terms of my thoughts for the vast majority of my life.”

What advice would you give to others just starting out?

“Be patient! Enjoy the food. Notice carefully how you are feeling. Especially watch and notice your ‘full’ feelings. Mine have shifted dramatically since I started this program.

Get lots of extra rest if you can, especially at the beginning. If you are on medications, monitor them carefully with your doctor (especially blood pressure meds). My BP dropped a lot pretty quickly after changing my diet.

Most of all, understand that this is more about your health and your relationship with food than it is about rapid weight loss. Be kind and forgiving to yourself!”

What’s your favorite part about the AH Book program?

“My favorite part is the freedom from detailed tracking and a renewed enjoyment of good food. I feel free to experiment and use foods that were ‘forbidden’ before, such as butter, full fat coconut milk and cream, full fat dairy, healthy oils, etc. I’m so amazed at how much less I eat now due to a sense of satisfaction. I’m 64 years old and have been ‘dieting’ off and on since I was 6. I’m extremely grateful to have found the science of the AH program so that my body is finally getting what it needs. The more I learn to listen and be intuitive about what real hunger is, and what my body needs on that particular day, the better the program works for me.”

Listen to these incredible words of advice she had for other AH readers:

“I’m sharing this so others who may be thinking about quitting due to slow progress will stick it out. Every body is different and everyone’s relationship with food is their own journey. For those of us who have had a lifetime struggle with our weight, food can either be a curse or a way for us to learn about ourselves. I always knew there must be a way out there that would work if I just kept looking and truly learned to listen to my body. So don’t give up!

It may be slow. It may feel strange and discouraging at times, you may not be one of those people where the weight just falls off. But this is about so much more than that. It’s about giving your body what it needs and coming to peace with your relationship with food and with your body.”

As Chef Dawn always says, “Be gentle with yourself and others!” Thank you so much, Prabhu, for sharing your story!

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