Soup Starter

Making a Perfect Soup Starter

It’s the end of the growing season and hopefully, you’ve been able to stock up on fresh veggies from your garden or local markets. Now you can save some of those goodies for use in the cold months! Our readers are always creating new recipes and ideas for meals. This time around, Suzi K. shared with us her recipe for a delicious soup starter. We thought this recipe would be the perfect way to use up all of those fresh vegetable scraps and boost the flavors of your favorite soups and stews!

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Thank you Suzi K. for this tasty Soup Starter!

“Clean and roughly chop green tomatoes, peppers, onions, poblano chiles (hatch chiles if you have access), along with whatever else you may choose (this is the fun part! Throw your favorite veggies in there!)

Season with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Roast at 400° Fahrenheit about 30 minutes or till tender.

Pulse in a blender and separate into quart sized batches.

Put into quart size freezer bags and use during the winter as a starter for soup, chili or black bean soup. (If you don’t have a garden… Things are “cheap” at farmers market this time of year)

Hope you give it a try!”

This sounds like a delicious idea to us! Let us know what you think in the comments or post a picture in our Facebook Group!

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