Chef Dawn and Dr David Ludwig

New Resources for the AH Community

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We've been hard at work on our new resources for you, including our upcoming cookbook, Always Delicious! We'll be back soon with more blogs very soon!

Meet the Next Generation of AH Chefs! | George Brown College

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Meet the next generation of chefs creating Always Hungry meals! The students at George Brown College have worked to bring you recipes that fit AH ratios!
AH Type 1 Diabetes

Always Hungry and Type 1 Diabetes - Leeann M.

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Discover the effects of the AH Solution on Type 1 Diabetes with Leeann M. How has the AH Solution helped improve the quality of her life?
Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes and The Always Hungry Program

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Explore how you can support your Type 1 Diabetes with the Always Hungry Book Program written by endocrinologist and Harvard Professor, Dr David Ludwig

Making The Always Hungry Book Phases Work For You

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The Phases of the ALWAYS HUNGRY? plan allow you to optimize your journey, and enhance your results from Phase 1 all the way through to Phase 3.

Food for Thought: How What You Eat Affects Your Brain

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Learn how what you eat can have profound effects on your brain health. How can changing your diet help improve brain function and quality of life?

Intermittent Fasting

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Intermittent fasting has quickly captured the attention of the health industry. What is it? Can it help you? And, is it compliant with the AH program?

Is Weight Loss Just a Matter of Will Power?

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Is weight loss just a matter of will power? Or, is there more to the equation? Join Dr. David Ludwig as he explains the truth behind weight loss.

Will Exercise End the Obesity Epidemic?

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Will Exercise End the Obesity Epidemic? Discover some of the benefits and risks of exercise, and how it may impact your weight loss journey.