Non-Scale Victories (what we call NSVs) are an integral part of The Always Hungry (AH) Solution and yet they sometimes get overlooked or undervalued.

Many people come to AH with one goal in mind: weight loss. While that is both honorable and understandable, it’s important to remember that there are many aspects of a healthy lifestyle that you will never be able to see on the scale. For example, regaining the energy to participate in your favorite activity will dramatically improve your quality of life, even without seeing any change on the scale. These victories are by no means small!

Success Before Weight Loss

We of course love to see our readers regain control of their bodies, but weight loss is not our be-all end-all. Before you ever lose a pound, you may notice significant changes in your life, health. We developed the Always Hungry Solution as a way for everyday people to really improve their entire life by reducing inflammation and diabetes risk factors. As Dr. Ludwig says, “Weight loss is a happy side effect.”

When you start to treat your body respectfully by feeding it nutritious foods, practicing stress relief, and allowing yourself to get a full night’s sleep, you start to recognize positive changes in your life that have nothing to do with numbers on a scale. These changes often happen before any weight loss even has a chance to occur.

NSVs Our Readers Love

Our readers have shared their NSVs on our Facebook page and also in our reader stories. Check them out if you haven’t already!

From Michael’s story, we learned that AH helped him in many ways beyond the extra 90 pounds that he shed! He tells us:
“My health markers all returned to where they should be within a few months.”
“I also quit taking two morning pills within a few months.”
“My post-meal congestion is greatly diminished.”
“I have an amazing amount of energy.”
“My mental clarity and ability to manage stress, anxiety, and depression have greatly improved.”

Jami says:
“I have more energy.”
‘I’m sleeping better, which makes everything in life so much easier.”
“My chronic headaches and brain fog are gone.”
“My joint aches and pains have disappeared.”
“I have a new sense of calm (less anxiety).”
“I have a different mindset about ‘exercise’.”

Malvina says:
“My clothes fit better.”
“I have dropped the medication I was taking for high triglycerides, and in my latest blood test my triglycerides were perfect.”
“I have more energy, my sporadic IBS has all but disappeared.”
“Since I don’t think about food all the time, my mind is clear for other, more important things.”

Common Non-Scale Victories Our Readers Experience

Since all people’s bodies are different, all people experience both weight loss and NSVs differently. There’s no one way to measure success on this program, which is why it’s important to occasionally re-examine your goals to make sure they are still applicable to your lifestyle. Perhaps weight loss is your number one concern, but you might also realize you’d love to have more energy, better control over your blood sugar, or simply be able to take the stairs without becoming out of breath. These, and many others, are all benefits of AH.

  • increased energy levels
  • more stable mood
  • better at handling stress
  • reduced need for certain medications
  • decrease in GERD symptoms
  • improved sleep
  • improved blood sugar control
  • decreased pain
  • decreased blood pressure
  • decreased cholesterol
  • decreased inflammation
  • able to walk longer and further
  • better able to keep up with children and grandchildren
  • decreased cravings
  • better overall satisfaction with meals

Taking Note of Your Non-Scale Victories

If you begin to view AH as an overall lifestyle plan, and not simply a way to lose weight, you start to see that there are many ways your quality of life can be improved even before weight loss. Viewing AH through this lens, do your goals change, either short-term or long-term? Does it alter you ultimate measure of success? What NSVs have you already experienced? We would love to hear your stories in the comments!

As you move through your journey with AH, always remember how much you’ve already overcome! The scale will never be able to tell you how powerful, loved, and courageous you are! Click here to read more about the ways AH can benefit your life beyond the kitchen!