Green Chile

For those of us who look forward to Hatch Chile peppers (also called New Mexico Chile Peppers) coming back in season each year, now’s the time to savor these special peppers! Their unique flavor is great for sauces, soups, or anything else you’d like to spice up. We’ve pulled together our favorite Hatch Green Chile recipes here. Let us know which ones are your favorites!

The New Mexico Green Chili has a delicious, smokey flavor that is unmatched in the world of chiles. The flavor ranges from mild to spicy, and the grocer will usually label the mild, medium and hot ones. If your grocer doesn’t have them, you can order them online. Other peppers, such as poblano, anaheim, or even bell peppers would work too.

Green Chile Mayo

Green Chili Mayo goes well on anything. Spice up vegetables, beans, soups, whole grains or anything else you can imagine. We’ve included roasting, peeling, and handling tips as well.

Chile Rellenos (Stuffed Green Chiles)

One of our favorite ways to use these spicy New Mexican treats is to simply stuff them and fry them. These spicy stuffed peppers are an excellent end of summer meal that’s great for enjoying outside with a cold drink! Remember, although we love to use Hatch Green Chiles, this recipe will work with any of your favorite peppers. We’ve included a full meal suggestion as well.

Chile Cheese Fritters

These delicious grain-free fritters from our book Always Delicious (pages 204 -205) are made with the same batter as our Chiles Rellenos and are great for meals that need to get made quickly! We’ve also included full meal suggestions!

Stuffed Peppers

We used red bell peppers in this Stuffed Pepper recipe but it would be great with Hatch green chiles or poblanos! Just lay the peppers on their side rather than standing them upright.