Green Power Shake

March is the time for fresh, green renewal. In cold climates, crocus and daffodil shoots are just starting to peek through the cold, dry ground, and in some cultures, St. Patrick’s Day, the coming of spring, and a variety of spring celebrations are all just right around the corner. Spring cleaning naturally begins, both in our homes and in our bodies. We’re ready to shed any excess we’ve accumulated from winter.

While I’m not crazy about intense detox or cleanses that stress the body, I do like to incorporate some nourishing green powders in the springtime. Remember, The Always Hungry Solution focuses on nourishing your body to health, not cleaning it out to repent for what you’ve eaten. This shift in mentality is important when deciding to do a spring cleanse. You don’t have to radically clean out your body in order to support it’s needs for the coming spring. This week’s Green Power Shake is a simple way to add some fresh greens to your springtime diet.

In Chinese Medicine, sour is the flavor for cleansing the liver in spring, so I chose grapefruit for this Shake. I love grapefruit this time of year, but if you find the flavor of grapefruit to be too strong, feel free to sub out an orange.

Now that we have several translations, we have many readers all around the globe. For those of you in the southern hemisphere, feel free to try the Green Power Shake now or put this post away until spring comes!