The creamy treat of your childhood is now a delicious power shake! Perfect for a Phase 1 breakfast, this shake hits the 49% Fat, 26% Carb, 25% Protein ratios. Best of all, I’ve made a Dairy Free and Nut Free version too!

First and foremost, this shake makes use of my latest culinary trick – food grade essential oils! Although it says optional, I think it makes all the difference in bringing out that crisp orange flavor. I use doTerra oils, but feel free to use any brand that you prefer. The Dairy Free version calls for XCT oil or MCT oil in order to bring the fat content of the shake up. Essentially, it’s a concentrated coconut oil that provides a great source of fat without the coconut flavor.

Finally, for the Nut Free version, use 1 tablespoon Chia seeds in the dairy version or 3 tablespoons Chia seeds in the Vegan version. The chia seeds make the texture a bit thick, but still delicious. ENJOY!

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