Birthday Recipes: Done the AH Way

AH Birthday Recipes and Tips

Happy Birthday – The AH Way!

Just last week, it was Chef Kenzie’s birthday – woohooo! So, in honor of her special day, We’re sharing her top 5 tips for having an “AH-friendly” birthday or any special holiday. Browse through the post for some delicious birthday recipes and a few gentle reminders to make your next big day extra special!

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Birthday Recipes, Tips and Tricks!

Written by Chef Kenzie Osborne

For years, I skimped out when celebrating my special day. I was afraid of indulging in my favorite foods and I spent far too long stressing about food. Nowadays? I skip the “skimping” – and, instead, I make sure my birthday foods are ones that I absolutely love… Oh, and all that shame, blame, and guilt? I left all those at the door…

When celebrating my birthday, I like to follow my fierce five food tips. Read my tips below and comment your favorites!

1. Be Kind to Yourself and Others

Number one… As Chef Dawn always says – be kind to yourself and others. It’s YOUR day – enjoy it, take in every moment, and be kind to yourself on this oh-so-special day.

2. Leave Guilt at The Door – It’s Not Invited

There’s no room at your birthday or holiday table for guilt. If you have a slice of cake? No worries. A fancy cocktail? That’s okay. Homemade bread? Enjoy it. It’s one day – and a special one at that. Sit back, relax, and take in all that your family and friends have gifted you. Want more guidance on taking little off-road excursions with guilt-free intention, check out our Blog post on the subject here.

3. Eat Foods That are Comforting and Enjoyable

Eat the foods that make your mind and body feel GOOD. Think to yourself – what sweets make my mind and body feel best? Will these foods make me feel stressed? During my recovery, I would refuse my mom and dad’s cake. Why? Because it would cause too much stress and guilt – so much so that it was unavoidable. So, what did I do? I asked them to make me some energy bites instead. I loved the flavor of energy bites, AND I knew they wouldn’t have me feeling stressed or guilty. Nowadays, I typically have a small slice of cake – and I love every bite. It makes me feel happy to join in on my family’s tradition, and I know the next day I’ll get right back on track.

4. Eat With Others

Eating with others is huge… Socializing during your meals may help you eat slower, and can create a more enjoyable experience. Try inviting friends and family to share your birthday dinner with you – or, invite some others to join you online! You might just be surprised how much more you can enjoy your food when you’re surrounded by a group of loved ones.

5. Plan Non-Food, Joyful Activities

Your birthday shouldn’t be all about food – it should be a day filled with laughter and fun! Try planning one (or a few) activities YOU love. Maybe it’s planning a hike, doing artwork, playing with grandchildren, or lounging by the TV with family and friends. Whatever it may be, be sure to fill YOUR special day with things that will bring a smile to your face.

What are your favorite tips for enjoying a birthday (or special occasion)? Comment below or post in our Facebook Group – we always LOVE to hear your suggestions!

Before I Go.. Try These Birthday Recipes!

Waffle “Cake” – Layer your Grain-Free Waffles with whipped cream and fruit sauce to make a layer cake. Drizzle with melted peanut butter and dark chocolate for a fun waffle “cake”.  TIP: You can also do this with pancakes or crepes.

Make skewers with a few different flavors of energy bites. Serve with melted dark chocolate and/or melted peanut butter. Dip and enjoy!

Make mini muffin “sandwiches” by slicing a muffin in half and filling it with cinnamon spiced whipped cream. Eat it like a sandwich – YUM! (Try with our Pumpkin Spice Muffins)

Make a batch of chocolate dipped fruit. Serve in a bowl with crumbled almonds, whipped cream, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Make our Hazelnut Chocolate Protein Bites. Melt in the microwave and serve over a crepe with fresh strawberries.

Which of the above ideas is your favorite? Comment below or post in our Facebook Group – we always LOVE to hear your thoughts!

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