Easy Appetizers and Fun Finger Foods!

Easy appetizers everyone will love

Easy Appetizers and Fun Finger Foods

The holiday season usually comes with festive parties and holiday gatherings that beg for easy appetizers and fun foods to share or just foods that make us feel special. We were inspired by community member Suzi Koster this week, who proves that a simple toothpick can improve the appeal of any food. This post shows you some fun and EASY ways to prepare your appetizers and shareable platters. Kick off your holiday gatherings right with these simple (and super-fun!) recipes.

*Special thanks to Suzi for the lovely photos and blog post inspiration!

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Easy Appetizers and Fun Finger Foods

What a difference a toothpick or wooden skewer can make! Although there are many easy appetizers to prepare – one of our favorite types has to be the ones served on-a-stick. Not only are they incredibly adorable, but they’re also conveniently displayed in individual portion sizes AND easily taken with you on-the-go as you wander around the room to talk with friends and family. Browse some of your ideas below, then try your own.

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proscuitto melon bites

Prosciutto Melon Bites

Wrap a piece of melon (green melon, cantaloupe, or even watermelon!) in one or two slices of prosciutto. Serve with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar OR balsamic vinegar reduction (a reduction is thicker, making it less messy of an appetizer!)

Mozzarella Tomato Skewers

Bring a taste of Italy to your holiday gathering with mozzarella, tomato, and basil skewers. Be sure to add a bit of salt and pepper to your tomato slices and serve with a side of your favorite pesto!

tomato mozzarella skewers with basil
Fruit Skewers

Assorted Fruit Skewers

Fruit skewers may be classic – but boy are they delicious! Looking to jazz them up? Try serving them with a high protein Greek yogurt dip by mixing together plain whole-milk Greek yogurt with a bit of honey or maple syrup. Want a bit more elegance, drizzle them with melted chocolate and put them in the fridge to set before serving. See our Chocolate-Dipped Fruit post here to see how.

Assorted Vegetable Skewers

Serve your veggies in a new and exciting way by placing your favorite cooked vegetables on a skewer. Serve with a dollop of Chipotle Mayonnaise or your favorite AH/AD dressing/sauce.

No time to make a skewer? Try our quick Warm Herb & Citrus Olives  bowl for your next gathering.

Vegetable skewers
meat and vegetable skewers

Meat-Lovers Skewers

Please all your meat-loving friends with simple deli-inspired skewers. Choose your favorite deli meat, and a few fresh vegetables such as cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and/or bell peppers. Serve with a side of mayo, a mustard vinaigrette, or your favorite homemade sandwich spread – YUM!

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