25 Holiday Recipes to Bring Joy to Your Table!

25 Holiday Recipes

25 Holiday Recipes to Bring Joy to Your Table!

The holiday season often come with a side of stress. Uncomfortable holiday gatherings, long lines for presents, and shovelling piles and piles of snow are always on the list of not-so-jolly holiday “chores”. This holiday season, we’re challenging you to bring some joy to your table with 25 simple holiday recipes for you and your family to choose from and try. There’s something in here for everyone.

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25 Holiday Recipes – Which Ones Will You Try?

Browse through our 25 holiday recipes and comment your favourites – which will you try first?

For Family Dinners Around the Fire

1. 2-Minute Prep Apple Roasted Chicken – For a quick prep-it-and-leave-it family protein.

2. Bacon-Wrapped Steak with Mango – For a fancier family dinner.

3. Almond Herb Roasted Tofu – For a warm and comforting vegetarian dish.

4. Melt-in-Your Mouth Lamb Shanks – For an incredibly tender and juicy protein.

5. Quinoa Enchilada Casserole – For a tasty P2 comforting family meal.

6. Holiday Roast – For a quicker-prep (and elegant!) family protein.

7. Mashed Fauxtatoes – Because what’s the holidays without some mashed fauxatoes?

For a Quick Shareable Appetizer

8. Apple Chicken Liver Pâté – Serve with Socca crackers or vegetable crudités.

9. Grain-Free Savoury “Donuts” – Serve with homemade nut butters, cream cheese, or hummus.

10. In-A-Minute Smoked Trout Pâté – Serve with Socca crackers or vegetable crudités.

11. Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs – The cutest “ornament”-shaped holiday platter!

12. Sweet Potato Latkes – Serve with homemade applesauce (recipe here >>)

13. Homemade Nut Butters – Serve with fresh fruit and/or Socca crackers

Something to Leave for Santa

14. Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bites – Make ahead for a healthy snack whenever you need it.

15. Peanut Butter Power Cookies – Keto friendly!

16. Almond Coconut Macaroons – A delicious, guilt-free option for holiday cookies.

17. Elegant Chocolate Dipped Fruit – Quick and impressive for any holiday gathering.

18. Grain-Free Pumpkin Spice Muffins – Kid-friendly, allergen-free option that everyone will love.

19. Apple Cinnamon Muffins – Use those apples that are so abundant this time of year.

Something to Warm Up After Tobogganing

20. Quick and Easy Chana Masala – serve with Cauliflower Couscous or Parsnip Rice

21. Moroccan Chicken Stew with Apricots – Apricots are popular during the winter season!

22. Manhattan Clam Chowder – For a warming seafood soup that’s quick to make and delicious to eat.

For an Elegant Dessert

23. Chef Kenzie’s Dairy Free “Cream” Dessert – Serve with fresh fruit or berries.

24. Keto Chocolate Custard – Low-carb version of the popular recipe from our book Always Delicious.

25. Pumpkin Pie Tartlets  – Because what’s the holiday season without a bite of pumpkin pie?

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