Almond Herb Roasted Tofu

Almond Herb Roasted Tofu

One pan. Plant-based. And tasty tofu?? Yes – it’s all possible! The key to mastering tofu is to pair it with extra-flavorful ingredients, a powerful marinade, and a few crisp ingredients to round out the dish. This Almond Herb Roasted Tofu recipe can be adapted by swapping out the vegetables for your favorites, and/or choosing a few different herbs or spices for flavor. How would you make your roasted tofu dish? (Comment below!)

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Roasted Tofu: Chef Secrets!

:et’s face it – tofu is bland. But is that really a BAD thing?? Not really… In fact, in our minds, the naturally bland-flavor is a BONUS. You can seamlessly add tofu to any dish without worrying about contrasting flavors. Whether you’re preparing a sweet morning breakfast or a savoury meal – tofu can always be a quick-and-easy protein to add.  In this recipe, Chef Kenzie uses her three-step tofu marinade technique to make an incredibly tasty bite…

Step One: “Sandwich” the tofu between 2 sheets of paper towel. Place something heavy (a cookbook or a pan) on top of the paper-towel wrapped tofu. Let it sit for 15 minutes, to drain excess water from the tofu.

Step Two: Poke a few holes in the tofu using a wooden skewer or a fork.

Step Three: Place the tofu in a zipper-locked bag with a marinade (or a mix of 1 part acid, 3 parts oil, and salt). Let marinade in the fridge for 1 hour or overnight.

After letting the tofu sit in the marinade, it will be ready-to-go! The tofu will soak up the marinade, and take-on whatever flavors you added – YUM! What marinade would you use? (Comment below!)

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Herb Roasted Tofu

Almond Herb Roasted Tofu

Kenzie Osborne
Wondering how to make a flavorful tofu-based dish? We have you covered! This sheet-pan dinner is quick, easy, and filled with refreshing flavors to brighten up your day!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4 servings


  • 16 ounces extra firm tofu
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 onion, diced or sliced
  • 2 cups brussels sprouts, shredded or sliced
  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes, sliced or left whole
  • 2 cups cooked or canned white beans
  • 1 cup parsley, pulsed or finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup almonds, pulsed or crumbled


  • Whisk together olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. Place in a plastic bag along with tofu. Let sit for 1 hour, or overnight. (See the tips for marinading tofu in the blog post above - click here!)
  • Remove the tofu from the marinade and set aside on a plate for now. Preheat oven to 450°F.
  • Place onions, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, and white beans in a bowl. Pour marinade (from the tofu) over the vegetables and beans. Toss until evenly coated.
  • Lay vegetables flat on a sheet pan. Slice tofu block into 1-inch slices. Place over the vegetable and bean mix.
  • Mix together (or pulse) the almonds and parsley. Evenly distribute crust over each piece of tofu. Gently press the crust into the tofu.
  • Roast for 15-20 minutes, or until vegetables are tender, tofu is warmed through, and crust is crispy.


Nutrition (Per Serving - Phase 1)

Fat: 50%
Carbohydrate: 28%
Protein: 22%
Calories: 550
Keyword Phase 1, Quick and Easy, Vegetarian

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