Top 5 One-Pan Dinners

Top 5 one pan dinners

Our Top 5 One-Pan Dinners!

Who doesn’t love a delicious sheet pan dinner? A few ingredients + one pan + a bit of time in the oven = endless flavorful combos for the whole family. Whether you’re craving poultry, plant-based proteins, fish, or red meat – you can always count on a sheet pan dinner to enhance the flavors you love. Check out our top 5 sheet pan dinners below, then share your favorites in the comments below!

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One-Pan Dinner #1: Chicken: Mustard Chicken with Vegetables

This one-pan mustard chicken dinner strikes the perfect balance for a comforting family meal. The subtle spice from the mustard cuts through the richness of the chicken thighs – making for a hearty dinner that can be made in a flash.

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One-Pan Dinner #2: Bacon-Wrapped Steak with Dried Mango

Ever considered using dried fruit in your meals? If not – you’re missing out! Try placing dried fruit under fatty meats for fat-filled pieces of fruit that burst with flavor.

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One-Pan Breakfast #3: Pork Tenderloin with Vegetables and a Poached Egg

Pork, eggs, and veggies make the base of a perfect breakfast! This breakfast calls for a poached egg on top – but the rest is prepared in one pan. Not up for making this bright-and-early in the am? Why not enjoy a breakfast-for-dinner meal to add something new and exciting to the menu.

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One-Pan Dinner #4: Herb-Roasted Cod with Butter Beans and Cauliflower

Cod is a blank canvas for flavor – and when paired with oil, herbs, and butter beans? Now THAT’S what we call a tasty meal. Enjoy for dinner, and pack leftovers for next-day lunch.

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One-Pan Dinner #5: Almond-and-Herb Tofu with Cherry Tomatoes and Brussels Sprouts

You may think tofu is a little bland – but this sheet pan dinner is sure to change your mind! The almond and herbs create a crisp and flavorful crust. The cherry tomatoes burst with tangy-sweet notes. And finally, the brussels sprouts balance the dish with a hint of bitterness. Enjoy for dinner, lunch, or a vegan-friendly brunch!

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