Easy appetizers everyone will love

Easy Appetizers and Fun Finger Foods!

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Kick off your holiday gatherings the right way with these delicious and nutritious easy appetizers and finger foods!
top 15 thanksgiving dinner recipe ideas

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe Ideas

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Browse through our top 15 favorite Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe Ideas - PLUS 5 brand new ideas from Chef Kenzie Osborne!
How and when to intermittent fast thumbnail

How (and When) to Intermittent Fast

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Intermittent fasting has become a popular trend which begs the question - How and when should you intermittent fast?

10 Tasty Ways to Use an Air Fryer

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Wondering how to use your air fryer to make delicious meals? Master your air frying skills by learning how to prepare Chef Kenzie's top 10 tasty ways to use an air fryer!
Red pepper ring omelette pizzas

Comfort Food Recipes: Reimagined

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Learn how to reimagine your comfort food recipes to make quick, easy, delicious, and healthy versions of your favorite meals.
Almond Butter Veal Meatballs

Almond Butter Beef Meatballs

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Eager to try something new? These veal almond meatballs are filled with almond butter for an incredibly rich, nutty, and satisfying flavor.
quick and easy cooking tips

Quick-and-Easy Cooking

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Eager to learn our favorite quick-and-easy cooking tips and recipes? Jump into the minds of Chef Kenzie and Chef Dawn as they share their best tips for making delicious, quick-and-easy meals.
apple roasted chicken

2-Minute Prep Apple Roasted Chicken

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Chef Kenzie's apple roasted chicken is your new go-to protein to make on prep day and serve for quick and easy weekday meals.
Speed up your prep image for blog and madmimi

12 Tips to Speed Up Recipes

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Today, we're sharing 5 tips and tricks to speed up your meal prep for quick and easy recipes that satisfy your taste buds!