There’s often a lot of pressure on people to look their best in the summer, but it’s actually a time when we are most likely to have our familiar, healthy eating habits thrown out of whack. Holidays, weekly barbecues, and outdoor adventures can mean we put meal planning on the back burner. This can lead to spiraling into old habits and shaming ourselves for our “lack of self-control.” It is our goal at AH to avoid these feelings. Even if you get off track this summer, remember to always leave guilt, shame, and blame at the door. Health will always be a learning experience.

Stay on Track with AH

Before traveling this summer, even if just on a weekend trip, give this post on eating AH on the road another read. We try to lay our as many tips, tricks, and solutions for you as possible! We want your vacations to be both fun and fulfilling.

Also, remember that warm summer months are a great time to add more movement into our daily activities since we’re not trapped indoors. Dance! Garden! Get out that old soccer ball from the back of the garage and kick it around the yard with your grandkids! The summer is a great time to move. You’ll find less time to be critical of yourself if you’re too busy having fun. As we discuss in our blog post on exercise vs joyful movement… movement is really all about making you feel good anyway.

Summer Grab-and-Go Breakfasts

Quick breakfasts are a staple of AH summers. When you start your day well nourished, you are less likely to get off track during the day, even if you’re off schedule. We included a few quick breakfasts in Always Hungry and after many requests, added as many as we could to Always Delicious. Be sure to check the breakfast section of both books for ideas. Whether it’s a quick shake or a big batch of Grain-free Waffles or On-the-Go Breakfast Parfaits that you make ahead and store in the fridge or freezer, there’s always something delicious to start your day off right. Here are some of our favorite Grab-and-Go Breakfasts:

Quick, Sharable Meals

For lunch and dinner on the go, convenience often wins out over health and planning. But when you’re carefully laying out plans for where to stay, what to do, and who to visit, it’s a great idea to add ‘what to eat’ to that list.

Meal planning doesn’t have to be tedious. You might just write down that for lunch you’ll make Buddha Bowls and for dinner you’ll prepare Make-Ahead proteins that you’ve packed in a cooler (simply seasoned and cooked chicken, beef, tempeh, or tofu). Then all you have to do is put together a few fresh components and your meal will be ready to eat in minutes. I always pack my immersion blender in my suitcase when I travel so I can whip out a smoothie or quick sauce at any time. It might sound crazy but it keeps me on track. Whatever works!

Also remember that vacation meals are made for sharing. Whether it’s a beach picnic or neighborhood cookout, bringing a dish that will satisfy both you and others is a fun way to make sure you always have something to eat at parties.

Buddha Bowl

Let us know you’re go-to tips for a healthy summer and stay tuned for our July 4th post next week!