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Chef Dawn shares her best tips and tricks to navigating buffet lines – without overindulging, negative judgements, or regret.

Take Charge of Food Cravings — no “White Knuckles” Necessary

Most of us have overeaten at one time or another, only to regret it later. Who hasn’t felt uncomfortably full after Thanksgiving dinner?

But why do so many people feel out of control around food so often? Why do so many of us cave to food cravings and over indulge or even binge, only to be left with overwhelming guilt that we’ve broken yet another diet or healthy eating resolution? We’re left feeling uncomfortable, wondering why we didn’t have more will power or couldn’t stay strong in the face of temptation.

But what if I told you that this kind of disordered eating isn’t your fault? That you — and your will power — are not to blame, and the solution can be found in our biology? Let me explain.

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