Summer mocktails

Summer Mocktails

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Everyone enjoys a cold, refreshing beverage in summertime! Whether you're cooking with friends or relaxing after work, it's easy to prepare fun drinks.
Blueberry Mint Fizz Always Delicious Book

Blueberry Lime Mint Fizz

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Learn how to prepare a delicious, refreshing, fizzy drink. This fruity sparkling drink is the perfect summer mocktail to cool down the heat!
Green Power Shake

Green Power Shake

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Detoxify and start your day off right this spring with a Green Power Shake. Naturally cleansing and nourishing at the same time.

Power Shake – Orange Dreamsicle

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The creamy treat of your childhood is now a delicious power shake! Phase-one compliant and with nut- and dairy-free options, it's perfect for everyone.
cherry chocolate power shake

Cherry Chocolate Power Shake

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This power shake is a triple threat - enjoy as a decadent breakfast, a sweet dessert, or store in the fridge as a refreshing pudding!