Chili Cheese Fritters

Chile Cheese Fritters (Grain-Free)

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These delicious grain-free fritters are made with the same batter as our Chiles Rellenos and are great for meals that need to get made quickly!
stuffed chiles

Chiles Rellenos (Stuffed Green Chiles, Grain-Free)

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One of our favorite ways to use spicy New Mexican Green Chiles is to simply stuff them, fry them, and eat them piping hot!

My AH Story - Candy S.

Read Candy's dramatic lifestyle change with the Always Hungry? Solution. She followed the book, and she's raving about the rewards!
green chile mayonnaise

Green Chile Mayonnaise Recipe (Vegan)

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This creamy vegan green chile mayo is the perfect accompaniment to a socca wrap, a spicy egg salad, or even as a delicious dip for fresh vegetables.
cherry chocolate power shake

Cherry Chocolate Power Shake

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This power shake is a triple threat - enjoy as a decadent breakfast, a sweet dessert, or store in the fridge as a refreshing pudding!
Fried "Breaded" Fish

Fried Fish, Breaded (Gluten-Free, Phase 1)

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Chef Dawn's fried fish uses an all-phase-friendly flour to create a satisfying, crispy fillet of fish for your Friday family fish night!
Grain Free Flours

Guide to Using Grain-Free Flours

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Many ALWAYS HUNGRY? Book readers have wondered: What kinds of flour can I use in the AH Phases and how do I substitute them in my favorite recipes? Here’s our answer: Non-grain flour products like almond flour, chickpea flour or coconut flour are recommended for all phases of the AH Book Program. Once you have hit your goals and moved into Stage 3, we recommend using grain-based flours with caution only as your body tolerates them.
Grain Free Flours

The Truth About Body Fat

Body fat is a highly specialized organ, critically important for health and longevity. Discover reasons to love fat, and how it can improve health.
Grain Free Flours

Why Calorie Restricted Diets Don’t Work

Many articles suggest calorie restriction is essential for weight loss. Learn the facts, and discover why the AH program is challenging this belief.
Grain Free Flours

Will Exercise End the Obesity Epidemic?

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Will Exercise End the Obesity Epidemic? Discover some of the benefits and risks of exercise, and how it may impact your weight loss journey.