Produce at its peak of freshness makes Strawberry Rhubarb a seasonal delight. Combine the tart sweetness with creamy Greek yogurt for an all around win!

Build Your Own Tacos night is the simplest way to accommodate a wide variety of tastes, use leftovers efficiently, and make everyone happy.

Sweet Potato Latkes make Hanukkah delicious and healthy, and our applesauce is the perfect topping. We even have a Vegan version for you.

This hearty Phase 1 Bean Stew has been adapted from our Phase 2 Beef and Barley soup. We love seeing how readers adapt recipes for their lifestyle!

Learn how to make your own homemade nut butters. Serve with morning yogurt, oats, power shakes, desserts, Thai peanut stir-fries, or other AH favorites.

Chestnuts are a holiday must-have, but many people aren’t familiar with the simple roasting process. Learn our favorite way to enjoy these nuts.

Prepare a classic cranberry sauce with wholesome ingredients from your pantry. Serve with your favourite protein and vegetables for a delicious family meal.

The simplest and most delicious applesauce you’ll ever make – learn Chef Dawn’s secret tip for making a hearty, creamy, homemade applesauce!

One of our favorite ways to use spicy New Mexican Green Chiles is to simply stuff them, fry them, and eat them piping hot!